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The Old Town Tour

This tour is for lovers of the past who like to explore and delve deeper into the fascinating history, heritage and culture of Inverness

The full tour begins with you experiencing breathtaking panoramic views of the city’s iconic buildings and important sites from the castle hilltop while simultaneously hearing about some of its fascinating history and important characters.

We then follow the King’s Highway – hearing about the medieval town’s most important medieval street – past the Tollbooth, its steeple and the prison which lies beneath it. Hear about the Norwegian tsunami which wiped out the early population.

You will learn about the elegant Town House, the old Markets before entering the 1,000 year old street which houses many of the oldest and most interesting buildings in the city with their hidden closes and secret alleyways. At the ancient site of the Old High Church you will hear about the conversion of the Picts by St. Columba as well as the acts of revenge which took place there the after the Battle of Culloden.

You will then shoogle (to sway or bounce) across the ‘Shooglie Bridge’, promenading along the beautiful riverside hearing the stories behind many of the elegant Victorian and Georgian buildings, both secular and sacred, which line the bank.

You will experience the splendour of the UK’s most northerly cathedral, the city’s modern and iconic Highland theatre….. and you’ll hear about when 3 young rock and roll musicians called John, Paul and George came to play and the intriguing story of the hotel they stayed in….

The Old City Tour immediately follows on after the Castle Hilltop Skyline Tour



Tours lasts approximately 1.5 hours  – Adults £7    or   2 hours – Adults £9

Accompanied Children (Under 16’s)   FREE   

Concessions  £3

The Castle Hilltop Skyline Tour

An ideal tour for those who are curious about the city’s fascinating history, heritage and culture – but short on time…  

The tour offers you 2,500 years of fascinating history and heritage viewed from the magnificent setting of Inverness Castle’s hill-top during a short, easy walk around it.

It includes the city’s ancient origins, Craig Phadrig  and Brude –  King of the Picts –  The Hill of the Fairies  – The dramatic  history  of the Castle –  The real King Macbeth – the Scottish ‘Nostrodamus’  –  Flora MacDonald and Bonnie Prince Charlie  – The Great Glen and Loch Ness  – Inverness Cathedral – Eden Court  Theatre  – plus the intriguing story of where the early Beatles stayed when they came to town…


Tour lasts approximately 45 mins  –    

Adults £3.50

Accompanied Children (Under 16’s)   Free                  

Concessions  £2

1 + 10 =